The short answer is "Yes, you can". So how do you do it?


Step 1 - Once you are ready to make payment for the items in your shopping cart, click on "Check Out"


Step 2 - Fill up your contact information and shipping address. If you have discount codes, input them on the right to apply before clicking on "Continue to Shipping".


Step 3 - Select your preferred shipping method. Once you are ready, click on "Continue to payment"


Step 4 - Select your preferred payment method. In this case, we will be selecting "coinbase commerce" since we would like to make the purchase with cryptocurrency. 


Step 5 - After clicking on "Complete order" with coinbase commerce selected, you will be brought to a similar page shown below. On the right, you can select to pay with Coinbase, or with the cryptocurrency of your choice. In this case, we will be using USDC as an example.


Step 6 - After selecting the cryptocurrency of your choice, you can transfer the indicated amount shown to the address below. Coinbase will actively monitor the network for this particular transaction.