You can only purchase Sponsored ICO as a bundle that includes one of our two banner advertising options:
  1. Top HTML ad (Viola.AI)
    This banner is sold on daily basis and will appear throughout CoinGecko to all users. CoinGecko receives 120 million monthly pageviews. It costs $10,000/day for 100% Share of Voice and this will generate about 4 million impressions/day with a CTR of about 0.15%. You may purchase 50% Share of Voice for $5,000/day too.

  2. Banner advertising (728x90, 320x50, 300x250 - NapoleonX)
    This banner is sold on impressions basis and will appear throughout CoinGecko until all impressions is exhausted. The CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) rate is $12 CPM. You may do country targeting and it is an additional $3 CPM.

    For orders below $5,000, do use the self-service platform at For orders above $5,000, do email

Only after purchasing either of the above can you consider buying Sponsored ICO which costs $6,000/week. 

Buying the Top HTML Ad for 7 days will get you the Sponsored ICO for free for 7 days as well.