Kindly submit a request via our support widget (2) - Token/Exchange Info Update.

Before submitting your request, kindly provide us with insights on how your project fits in the requested tag ecosystem. For example, if you are requesting for a DeFi tag, kindly provide supported evidence of your project fitting the DeFi ecosystem.

With the surge of DeFi and NFT hype and attention it is gaining, we are seeing numerous requests from projects to get this tag and be featured on their respective Categories page.

While many applications are justified and does indeed fall under these growing ecosystems, many more are are purposefully gaming criterias for attention to be listed under a technicality. We do not want that to happen and we must prevent conveying bad information to users.

Our researchers thoroughly research and evaluate projects which fulfills tagging criterias before publishing these information on coin pages. We hope you understand our scrutiny and control over the tagging of coins on CoinGecko.