In order to update the circulating supply of your token, you will first need to make a copy of this Google Sheet document. You will need to be signed in to a Google Account to be able to make a copy of the Google Sheets. Do provide all the relevant information for the CoinGecko team to verify. 

Please read 6. Available Supply on our Methodology page before filling up the document. Do exclude all locked tokens held by foundation/company, team, investors, and advisors from circulating supply.

The market capitalization is calculated automatically once the circulating supply is updated. Market capitalization = Price * Circulating Supply.

Once you have completed the above document, click on the Contact Us icon on the bottom right. Select 2 - Token/Exchange Info Update and share the link to the updated Google Sheet file (make sure it's publicly accessible - do test it on an incognito tab). A CoinGecko representative will check and reach out for confirmation soon.