CoinGecko has a page dedicated to NFTs and Collectibles. Here's how you can apply for your NFT collection to be listed.


Similar to coin listings, you would first need to submit an application here. In this case, the request option would be "New Coin / Token Listing".


After this, simply follow the instructions and fill up as many of the fields as possible. Under "Exchanges where Token is Listed", please provide the Opensea link*.


The CoinGecko team will review your request in the next 5 working days and add it if it fulfils all listing criteria.

There is NO LISTING FEE for coins/tokens listings on CoinGecko. Anyone claiming that they can list a coin or expedite the listing process on CoinGecko is a scammer. Do not ask your community to ask CoinGecko "When List?" questions. If we get repeated queries, the NFT/token will not be listed.


*Note: Currently, our system only supports Ethereum NFTs that are listed on Opensea.